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Scripps College all admission interested students we have covered many things in like acceptance rate, GPA required, ACT Scores requirement, SAT Score need, cost for admission and more. Now in this page we are going to tell you about SCRIPPSCOLLEGE California major subjects that are covered in its curriculum. Before starting about ScrippsCollege majors details you should know about why college majors knowledge is important for everyone. Scripps College give teaching in various subjects but in some of them this college is at their best level.

Scripps College Majors

Scripps College California Majors Studies

Every applicant of SCRIPPSCOLLEGE California want to get specialization in particular subject like engineering, Computer Sciences, Foreign Languages, Arts, Biology, Math or more. Therefore before considering ScrippsCollege for admission you should see if that particular college include the subject that you are looking for or not. If Scripps College not major in subject you want to study for your graduate or post graduate course than you should consider another college.

Below you will find list of Majors at Scripps College and this list will help you to know what are the majors study at this college. SCRIPPSCOLLEGE California majors list include subject which are category of Computer and Information Sciences, Engineering, Foreign Languages, English and Literature, Biology, Mathematics, General Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Arts and more.

Scripps Majors Studies

List of undergrad majors offered at Scripps College

Foreign LanguagesGraduates
Foreign Languages and Literatures4
Spanish Language and Literature8
Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics2
Legal Professions2
Legal ProfessionsGraduates
English and LiteratureGraduates
English Language and Literature15
Liberal Arts and HumanitiesGraduates
Humanities/Humanistic Studies9
Biology/Biological Sciences11
Molecular Biology6
Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Other2
Natural Resources ConservationGraduates
Environmental Studies1
Environmental Science2
General StudiesGraduates
Science, Technology and Society1
Human Biology5
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other4
Philosophy and Religious StudiesGraduates
Religion/Religious Studies2
Jewish/Judaic Studies1
Physical SciencesGraduates
Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics3
Human ServicesGraduates
Public Policy Analysis1
Social SciencesGraduates
Econometrics and Quantitative Economics3
Political Science and Government16
Ethnic StudiesGraduates
American/United States Studies/Civilization6
Asian Studies/Civilization2
Latin American Studies4
French Studies13
German Studies3
Hispanic-American, Puerto Rican, and Mexican-American/Chicano Studies3
Asian-American Studies1
Women's Studies7
Visual and Performing ArtsGraduates
Drama and Dramatics/Theatre Arts6
Fine/Studio Arts8
Art History, Criticism and Conservation6
Organizational Behavior Studies2
Mass Communication/Media Studies12

While choosing ScrippsCollege for admission you should see this list carefully and after examine it you can choose this college for admission. We advise all Scripps College candidates that if you are interested in Computer science than you have to see if this college have subject of computer science in its majors list or not. If you want to study Chinese Language at SCRIPPSCOLLEGE California than you need to see that subject in major list provided below. Thus you understand that ScrippsCollege majors list given below is how important for you and what you can learn from it.

Scripps College Best Subject

Everyone here must get as much as information related to Scripps College majors. Now we here wanted you to see list given above about SCRIPPSCOLLEGE California majors more seriously. Because in this list you will know about ScrippsCollege all graduate major subjects and courses. We team of want to update all Scripps College applicants that you must go to official website portal so that you cannot miss any updates. On this website you can also know more about SCRIPPSCOLLEGE California like Acceptance Rate on the basic of SAT,GPA or ACT. You can also get information related to costs of ScrippsCollege from this website.

Scripps Top Programs

If you want to know fully about GPA required for Scripps College admission than this website is for you can get facts easily. In GPA section of SCRIPPSCOLLEGE California you will see what GPA score required to take admission in college. In this section you can use ScrippsCollege GPA calculator which helps to get GPA score by adding subject and its marks. In Costs section of Scripps College you can get tuitions fees related all the updates like Finanical Aid by banks, Net Price by Income and more. And finally on this page you can get all important information related to majors of SCRIPPSCOLLEGE California. This all facts and knowledge help you to select best college like ScrippsCollege for your further education.

Stanford University

Private 4 Year

Location:Stanford, California
On Campus Housing:Yes
Level of Study:Undergrad/Graduate
SAT: 4.18ACT: 1420/1570GPA: 32/35

University of California Los Angeles

Public 4 Year

Location:Los Angeles, California
On Campus Housing:Yes
Level of Study:Undergrad/Graduate
SAT: 4.29ACT: 1290/1520GPA: 30/34

Scripps College

Private 4 Year

Location:Claremont, California
On Campus Housing:Yes
Level of Study:Undergrad/Graduate
SAT: 4.13ACT: 1300/1480GPA: 30/33

University of Florida

Public 4 Year

Location:Gainesville, Florida
On Campus Housing:Yes
Level of Study:Undergrad/Graduate
SAT: 4.1ACT: 1280/1440GPA: 27/32

University of Miami

Private 4 Year

Location:Coral Gables, Florida
On Campus Housing:Yes
Level of Study:Undergrad/Graduate
SAT: 4.2ACT: 1250/1430GPA: 29/32

University of Maryland College Park

Public 4 Year

Location:College Park, Maryland
On Campus Housing:Yes
Level of Study:Undergrad/Graduate
SAT: 4.11ACT: 1290/1470GPA: 29/33

Harvard University

Private 4 Year

Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
On Campus Housing:Yes
Level of Study:Undergrad/Graduate
SAT: 4.04ACT: 1460/1580GPA: 33/35

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Public 4 Year

Location:Chapel Hill, North Carolina
On Campus Housing:Yes
Level of Study:Undergrad/Graduate
SAT: 4.6ACT: 1270/1480GPA: 29/33

North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Public 4 Year

Location:Raleigh, North Carolina
On Campus Housing:Yes
Level of Study:Undergrad/Graduate
SAT: 4.37ACT: 1250/1390GPA: 27/31

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Public 4 Year

Location:Wilmington, North Carolina
On Campus Housing:Yes
Level of Study:Undergrad/Graduate
SAT: 4.06ACT: 1190/1320GPA: 23/27

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