Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible

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Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible Price


Expected Price

₹ 62500000
$ 856164
Mileage: 9.8 kmpl
Engine Displacement (CC): 6598 cc
BHP: 563 bhp @ 5250 rpm
Torque: 820 Nm @ 1500 rpm
No. of Cylinders: 12
Gear box: 8 speed automatic gearbox
Seating Capacity: 4
Length: 5285 mm
Width: 1947 mm
Height: 1502 mm
Ground Clearance: 140 mm
Wheel Base: 3112 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 82 litres

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About Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible

Hey Guys! Here in this page, we are going to explain all the Features and specifications of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible. If RollsRoyceConvertible is your type of car or you want to know about this car then be with us and check all details of this car. Here is the best time to know plus and minus Points of this Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible. Check out complete specifications of RollsRoyceConvertible from here now.
On June 2016, amazing Car called Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible was launched and soon it became the favorable car of lot of People. RollsRoyceConvertible is launched by keeping in the mind that it can able to fulfill demand of many of car lover. Here is the time to go ahead and check out all features of DawnConvertible.
The Mileage of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible is 9.8 kmpl which is not good enough and you may not able to save lot of fuel by it. The Power of RollsRoyceConvertible is 563 bhp @ 5250 rpm which is considered as good and it help to give better acceleration of car. DawnConvertible has Gear Box with 8 speed automatic gearbox and you can take benefits of it in power and speed. The Width of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible is 1947 mm which is enough for the comfort level. The height of RollsRoyceConvertible is 1502 mm but it may not good for big height people because they may not get good space to adjust them self.

Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible Specification

9.8 kmpl
Engine Displacement (CC)
6598 cc
563 bhp @ 5250 rpm
820 Nm @ 1500 rpm
No. of Cylinders
Gear box
8 speed automatic gearbox
Seating Capacity
5285 mm
1947 mm
1502 mm
Ground Clearance
140 mm
Wheel Base
3112 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity
82 litres

The Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible has fuel Tank Capacity of 82 litres which will not able to take good fuel as considered. Here is the time to check about the Torque of DawnConvertible which is 820 Nm @ 1500 rpm and it is very good. There is 12 Cylinder build in Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible and as per good performance it will give you good result ahead. In RollsRoyceConvertible, there is availability of 4 People Sitting at one time and which almost fulfill your demand. The Length of DawnConvertible is 5285 mm which is really good as per inner space availability.
You may see all kind of features in Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible from below. All you need to be with us for that. If you want to compare RollsRoyceConvertible car with others then go to top and click on compare car button you may also see compare listing. If you are searching for good Cars like in DawnConvertible in this budget then check out the related cars from below.


Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible Features

Dual Horns
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
Automatic Stability Control (ASC)
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
Brake Assist
Seating Capacity
Number of Seating Rows
2 Rows
Number of Doors
2 Doors
Air Conditioner
Power Steering
Power Windows
Overall Length
5285 mm
Overall Width
1947 mm
Overall Height
1502 mm
3112 mm
Kerb Weight
2608 kg
Engine cc (Displacement)
6598 cc
Maximum Power
563 bhp @ 5250 rpm
Maximum Torque
820 Nm @ 1500 rpm
Engine Details
Twin Turbo V12
Number of Cylinders
Rear Wheel Drive
Music System
Engine Immobilizer
Anti-theft Alarm
Smart Key
Central Locking
Car Type
Official Tagline
Uncompromised Comfort


What is the MSRP Price of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible car?
The MSRP Cost of RollsRoyceConvertible car is given above and you can easily buy at this price.
What is the DawnConvertible review and is this Car is reliable to buy?
You can all the features on this page of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible car and on this basis you estimate is this car is reliable to buy or not.
Should I buy new RollsRoyceConvertible or used one?
There are two ways to know whether you should buy DawnConvertible or not first by seeing the features and second by comparing it.
What is the Lease price of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible car?
Rent price of RollsRoyceConvertible is depends on leaser to leaser so check their website or app for exact price.
What is the service cost of DawnConvertible and after how much time it needed?
Service cost of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible is depending on two thing first service by local car repair shop and second company cost.
What is the Mileage of RollsRoyceConvertible car?
Mileage of DawnConvertible is 9.8 kmpl.
How much safe is Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible or what safety features included in it?
All the safety features of RollsRoyceConvertible are given below and on this basis you may its safety reliability.
What are Width, Height and Length of DawnConvertible car?
Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible Width is 1947 mm, Height is 1502 mm and Length is 5285 mm.
If I want to buy RollsRoyceConvertible via financing then how can I know EMI option at it?
Yes of course you can buy DawnConvertible via loan and finance loan EMI can be calculated by clicking above button.
What is the Seating Capacity of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible car?
Seating Capacity of RollsRoyceConvertible is 4.
I want to know related car of DawnConvertible please suggest me model comparison?
From the right side car list you can find which car is related to Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible.
What is the Engine Displacement or CC of RollsRoyceConvertible?
DawnConvertible have N/A cc engine which is proof to be powerful.
How can I redesign the Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible car and what is extra option available?
If you prefer to redesign the RollsRoyceConvertible car then you can easily contact to vendor near you city which can be find on Google Search.
If I want to add accessories in DawnConvertible then where I can buy it?
There are lot of accessories can be added in Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible vehicle like lights, seat cover, stereo and so on these are easily available on online website and local car shops.
My RollsRoyceConvertible car wanted maintenance so tell me the cost of it.
Maintenance cost of DawnConvertible is different from company to car repair shop so please check it out you option.
How can I download the Brochure of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible?
The easy way to download the Brochure of Car is to login at official website or go to showroom of RollsRoyceConvertible.
What is the Fuel Tank Capacity of DawnConvertible?
82 litres fuel can be easily added to Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible.
I want sell my RollsRoyceConvertible car so suggest me where I can sell it?
There are two ways to sell your DawnConvertible car one by online website and second one is go to local dealer.
If I wanted to buy the Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible then what are offer available on it?
Offer is always given by Car Company so to buy RollsRoyceConvertible at offer then please approach the showroom.
I lost keys of my DawnConvertible so how can I replace the keys easily?
Yes in today world replacing the keys instantly is costly and difficult process here you need to approach Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible car showroom or reliable key maker.
What color option available on this RollsRoyceConvertible car?
Color Option of DawnConvertible car is given above please have a look over it.
Is Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible is available on Manual Transmission?
In down features you can see whether in RollsRoyceConvertible manual Transmission is available or not.
What is the Ground Clearance of DawnConvertible car?
Ground Clearance of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible is N/A.
Is RollsRoyceConvertible is available on Automatic Transmission?
To know whether Automatic Transmission available in DawnConvertible or not see the features below.
What is BHP and Torque of Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible?
BHP of RollsRoyceConvertible is 563 bhp @ 5250 rpm and torque is 820 Nm @ 1500 rpm.
How many Gears come in Gear Box of DawnConvertible car?
In Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible 8 speed automatic gearbox gears comes.
What is Wheel Base Size of RollsRoyceConvertible?
Wheel Base of DawnConvertible car is 3112 mm.
How much Cylinder come in Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible car?
RollsRoyceConvertible comes with 12 Cylinder.
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