Porsche 911

3.5 (10)

Expected Price

₹ 16200000
$ 113300
Mileage: 14.2 kmpl
Engine Displacement (CC): 2981 cc
BHP: 364.9bhp@6500rpm
Torque: 450nm@1700-5000rpm
No. of Cylinders: 6
Gear box: 7
Seating Capacity: 4
Length: 4499mm
Width: 1808mm
Height: 1294mm
Ground Clearance: 109mm
Wheel Base: 2450mm
Fuel Tank Capacity: 64 (Liters)

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About Porsche 911

Porsche 911 car features with updated price could be seen here from the information given above. If you looking for all specification of 911Car car like Mileage, Fuel Tank, BHP, Seating Capacity then you are at right place. Form bottom Porch911 car phone specs table and above all main point you can have good idea.

Hey Guys! Here in this page, we are going to explain all the Features and specifications of Porsche 911 . If 911Car is your type of car or you want to know about this car then be with us and check all details of this car. Here is the best time to know plus and minus Points of this Porsche 911 . Check out complete specifications of 911Car from here now.
On April 2019, amazing Car called Porsche 911 was launched and soon it became the favorable car of lot of People. 911Car is launched by keeping in the mind that it can able to fulfill demand of many of car lover. Here is the time to go ahead and check out all features of Porch911.
The Mileage of Porsche 911 is 14.2 kmpl which is not good enough and you may not able to save lot of fuel by it. The Power of 911Car is 364.9bhp@6500rpm which is considered as good and it help to give better acceleration of car. Porch911 has Gear Box with 7 and you can take benefits of it in power and speed. The Width of Porsche 911 is 1808mm which is enough for the comfort level. The height of 911Car is 1294mm but it may not good for big height people because they may not get good space to adjust them self. The 109mm ground clearance of Porch911 is too low and it might find problem in high breakers.

Porsche 911 Specification

14.2 kmpl
Engine Displacement (CC)
2981 cc
No. of Cylinders
Gear box
Seating Capacity
Ground Clearance
Wheel Base
Fuel Tank Capacity
64 (Liters)

Porsche 911 car more information like related products, comparable products can be easily find here from bottom. All related cars of 911Car must be seen so that you may have idea of competitive car. Also check all Porch911 comparable cars so that you can easily select the better car device.

The Porsche 911 has fuel Tank Capacity of 64 (Liters) which will not able to take good fuel as considered. 911Car has Engine Displacement (CC) of 2981 cc and that is adequate for the common people. Here is the time to check about the Torque of Porch911 which is 450nm@1700-5000rpm and it is very good. There is 6 Cylinder build in Porsche 911 and as per good performance it will give you good result ahead. In 911Car, there is availability of 4 People Sitting at one time and which almost fulfill your demand. The Length of Porch911 is 4499mm which is really good as per inner space availability.
You may see all kind of features in Porsche 911 from below. All you need to be with us for that. If you want to compare 911Car car with others then go to top and click on compare car button you may also see compare listing. If you are searching for good Cars like in Porch911 in this budget then check out the related cars from below.

Porsche 911 Features

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