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GPA calculator available on this page to calculate your college course grade. This easy tool will of course help you to calculate how much grade you get in your exam. GPA calculator is very helpful and every college or school student use it to know how much grade he or she obtain in college exam course. Many of college students have confusion that GPA calculator will help to calculate the degree course online or community college campus exam. The answer is really simple and obvious that GPA calculator would help you to calculate all type of course grade whether it is online course or community college exam.

How to Calculated GPA

Let’s know discuss about the college GPA calculator tool given below and how can we use it to calculate you college course grade quickly. First of all you have to enter the college course name in the first column of first row. After that on the right side of text box you need to enter the hour you take to complete that particular exam. Now in the last column you need to enter the grade you obtain in that course like A, B, C, A+, B+, C+ so on. Like you need to enter all course lists one by one with hour and grade respectively. You can enter 10 course in this tool and after 5 course list you need to press the “Add more Course” so that you can easily enter new course name and its details. After completion of all field entry now it last you need to click the final button that you calculate my GPA. Once you click that button the GPA score of your exam will be shown to you in bottom circle.

GPA Calculator College Wise

How GPA Calculator Work

As for top text you must be aware about the overview and how to use GPA calculator. Now it’s important to know how GPA calculator works or process of GPA Calculator. You GPA or Grade Point Average is calculated by dividing total number of Grade point earned by total number of hours taken to complete exam.

GPA = Total Grade Point Average / Total Hours attempted

To completely understand the formula you need to understand the few things that are very important. Every grade alphabet represents some number and from below table you can able to know which character is equal to what.

  • A = 4.00 grade points
  • A- = 3.70 grade points
  • B+ = 3.33 grade points
  • B = 3.00 grade points
  • B- = 2.70 grade points
  • C+ = 2.30 grade points
  • C = 2.00 grade points
  • C- = 1.70 grade points
  • D+ = 1.30 grade points
  • D = 1.00 grade points
  • D- = 0.70 grade points
  • WF/F = 0 grade points

As you see from the above list that every grade represent some number. Know from the below example we will try to explain how total hour attempted and Total Grade Points calculated. Have a look at below example.

Course Hours Grade Grade Points
Science 2 A (4) 8
Math 3 A- (3.7) 11.1
English 2 B (3) 6
General Knowledge 3 C (2) 6
Total Credit Hours Attempted 10 Total Grade Points 31.1

Here from the top table you can notice that grade point is calculated by multiplying Grade number to Hours taken to complete any exam. After that total of Hour and Grade point take to calculate GPA.

Total Grade Points divided by 31.1
Total Credit Hours Attempted 10 3.11

Know from top of the section you easily know that after getting total of both grade point and total credit hours attempted you can easily calculate the GPA. To calculate the GPA you need to divide the total grade point by total credit hours attempted in the exam.

Benefit of GPA Calculator

As we know that every college is trying to use the GPA calculator so that he or she may easily calculate his/her Grade point. But the main question remain silent the why you need of GPA calculator or what are the benefits of the GPA calculator for you. There are lots of benefits of the GPA calculator and we explain here one by one.

  • First benefit of GPA calculator is that it help to give you GPA score that use is use in many admissions are required GPA score as a eligibility criteria.
  • GPA Calculator calculates your Grade Points that help you know how much your performance in exam is and you can improve it my many trials.
  • This tool is free of use that’s why you can use it as much as time in your life time.
  • GPA calculator will help to make a plan about your course score. For example you need a particular GPA score then by using this tool you anticipate how much grade you need in every section.
  • Last but not the least GPA calculator is very easy to use tool and you can use it anytime to know or plan about your GPA.

So dear friend you now aware of benefits of the GPA calculator also. From the college list given on this page you can easily check the GPA calculator of other college also that will help you to calculate the GPA score of other course easily.

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